I haven’t used tumblr in so long I’m not sure I remember how this works.

also My nipples are super sore and ive been having semi-unprotected shagging so uh oh fuck.

but mostly FUCK I just want to dance and be good and be in a company and I have constant anxiety about it halp.


i basically hardly ever use tumblr now; mostly because I have one day off a week from dancing/working/studying and on that day Im always hungover and sleep until 3pm, eat, then read then sleep and then my week starts again on monday.
Some weeks its glorious and other weeks i just need to crawl into bed and re-eveluate myself because i forget why and what I am doing 

ugh i have put on so much weight since i was a ‘real’ ballet dancer.

I decided today I should channel the blueberry.

oh my lordy

i havnt tumbled in so long

mostly because im busy as fuck and dying

but next wednesday i have le holidays

so ill probably end up here