Isn’t it crazy that even though the moon is in a whole different plane and space to humans,
and there’s no one there witnessing it,
there are planes of dirt and matter and energy in the air and it exists whole heatedly apart from us, we can’t see it, we don’t even truly know, but it’s there, existing.


My mother has been on holiday for six days now, and I have sent her four messages in that time period, of which I have not received any replies, and I know for a fact she replied to my brother on monday. I have severe abandonment issues and I am feeling VERY rejected by her right now


Surrealism and Visionary art: Dmitri Vorsain

uuggh, bad come down


I’m not entirely sure about permanence, I’ve never experienced it, and I don’t know if I believe in it.


"You go looking for your soul in this dramatic messianic desert mission. But of course it’s everywhere, as a matter of fact. It’s in everything mundane, boring, unworthy, imperfect, as well as in everything beautiful" Robyn Ferrel



I just saw a picture of Natasha Lyonne in her Emmy’s dress and good GOD. I need her all up in my grill and in my life/mouth/hair/bed/food/books/tv/blankets/bike/panties asap.


Nick Cave

I need to make art, I need to write, I need to dance. I need to articulate that feeling that swells inside my body when I see something beautiful. I don’t just want to experience it in fleeting moments I weakly grapple at, but carve out a space in the world, the shape of me, and fill it with that feeling.